FOF PLUS Disposable closed system device with unforgettable taste feeling

Puffs NO.: 600+ Puffs


Capacity: 3.0 ML
17 Different Flavors

5% Nicotine Salt Or 2% Nicotine Salt

99% of customers like it, FOF PLUS disposable pod electronic cigarette with excellent 17 flavors, and taste.

FOF PLUS Disposable pod flavors: Cola, Mint, Mango, Tobacco, White peach oolong, Iced watermelon, Mung bean ice, Ice blueberry, Old popsicle, Grape, Green tea, Taro, Banana ice, Jasmine tea, Milk tea, Orange soda, Strawberry.

Now in Russia, there is the sole distributor of FOF plus disposable pod ecig. Hope you will be the next one in your country.

Let’s dig out gold together!

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