What is an electronic cigarette atomizer?

An electronic cigarette is essentially a simply finished atomizer, disposable consumables. It is a small, fully or semi-sealed atomizer. Most of the cartridges are internally integrated with heating wires, cotton and the oil in the tank. Depending on the power supply, the cartridges are shaped like cigarette holders and shaped like shaped cartridges.

There is a special type of smoke bomb, it is made of cigarette material, the internal non-heating wire (hot wire integrated on the host), smoke bomb smoke oil in the cotton-like material. Advantages: no oil leakage, small, easy to use, shape changeful (cigarette shape, flat box shape, long shape, etc.

But because the e-cigarette atomizer is a disposable consumable, if users want to choose different flavors of smoke oil, they need to replace the e-cigarette atomizer with different flavors. The cost of consumption is slightly higher, and the taste is also limited to the smoke bomb manufacturers, facing the best smoke oil on the market, the choice of cigarette smoke also appears to be overstretched.

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